New England
    Terrier Club
President's Message
If you asked any of our dogs to sum up our Club in one word, it would be FUN! Barn
Hunt…jumping on  hay bales and finding hidden rates,,,FUN.  Earthdog…digging in the dirt
through tunnels in search of rats…FUN.  Winter Match,,, parading around the ring strutting their
stuff,,, FUN.  Fun Day…well, I think you get the idea.  The dogs at our New England Terrier Club
events enjoy what they do, and isn’t that what it’s all about?  Having fun and enjoying time with our
four legged friends?  Don’t get me wrong, it’s work for some of us but the rewards are well worth it.
As I look back over the last twelve months, I see we have kept our four legged friends, and their
humans, quite active…and very happy.
Barn Hunt still seems to be going strong
and the dogs have not tired of it.  They may
have discovered ways around going
through the tunnel, but they generally find
their way to the rats.  Big dogs, little dogs,
Terrier or no, they love to climb the hay and
search for those rats.  One of the unique
things about Barn Hunt is any dog can
participate from a Chihuahua to a Great
Dane, and all breeds and sizes in between
We held two events, one in September,
which was held on a Saturday and Sunday,
and consisted of four trials, two each day,
and a second one in November, which was
held on a Saturday only, and consisted of
two Trials.  Both events were held indoors
at the Brockton Fairgrounds.
Barn Hunt has been our most successful and most profitable event.  
More are planned for the fall and I know of one dog who cannot wait to have a play date with the rats.
Our Earthdog Trials were well attended last year.  What is more fun than planning in the hay?  
Digging in the dirt, with hopefully the same results, to find the hidden quarry.  Earthdog Trails were
held in October at the home of Lou and Lisa Pacheco in Raynham.  It was a one day, two Trial
event, and from the looks of the dogs and their humans, all were having a wonderful time.  Prior to
the Trials, we had a cleanup day to get the tunnels in order, put up some fencing and we were up
and ready for the Trials.  We will again treat our Terriers and Dachshunds to another trial in October
at the same location.

Although our Winter Match did not draw as many dogs as it has in past years, the ones that did
attend, put on quite a show.  Confirmation, Obedience and oh yes, Adult Showmanship.  That class
has become our biggest, and most anticipated class.  Not exactly sure who enjoys it more…the
dogs…the handlers…the judges…or the spectators.  The match was held in March at Performance
Plus in Raynham, a state of the art facility which is large enough to house three rings and provide
room for indoor crating, as well as a huge parking area.  The facility provides for all our needs and
we will again hold our Winter Match at that location in March.
With the green grass of April, so came our Fun day.  Mary and Scott Smith opened their home and
their farm to the Club to host this event.  This was our second year offering this particular activity.  
Last year it was open strictly to club members, but the Board decided this year to invite those on our
mailing list and the turnout was huge.  The sun was shining and it was genuinely a fun day for the
dogs, and for their humans.  There were no Qs , or legs earned, or ribbons presented, just a stress
free, fun time.  Those who were not familiar with lure coursing, or earthdog, or barn hunt, or rats, got
the chance to chase the white
plastic bag, meet the rats, try out the tunnels
and work the hay.  For some, it was a
chance for their dogs to experience new
things, and for others, it was plain and
simple…a good time.
This year, Canine Good Citizen testing was
offered at the event and there were several
dogs that achieved that Title.  It was a
successful day for New England Terrier Club
and I saw a lot of happy dogs and received
many compliments on how friendly our Club
is.  We were originally concerned about
parking, but that was never a problem.  The
people were considerate of how, and where they parked, and we actually had room to spare.  The
Smiths home was the most perfect location for this event.
And, midway through the day, as with all our outside events, a huge pot luck lunch, with tables
overflowing with delicious food, was enjoyed by all.
There are some very special people that I would like to acknowledge and thank.  People that make
it possible to hold such successful and enjoyable events.  We have amazing Judges that work our
events.  If you have ever been to a Barn Hunt Trial, it is a long, grueling day.  Some are hot, and
some are cold, and our Judges are on their feet all day through it all.  But whether they are hot, or
cold, or tired, they are first and foremost ALWAYS kind and considerate to the exhibitors and their
dogs, and do their job with humor and compassion, because as we all know, dogs, like children,
can make fools of us, very easily.
They will answer any questions that are asked
and lend a helpful hand when someone is
having a tough time with their dog.  People will
come to our Barn Hunt Trials because of the
judges we hire, and that makes us, this Club,
look good.  There is no better feeling than to
have people approach you and complement
you on how well the event has been run, how
much they enjoyed themselves and can’t wait
until our next event.   And how they love our
To our Barn Hunt Judges, Carol Soeldner,
Jessica Edgerly and Mary Smith and our
Earthdog Judges, Nancy Goldman and
Hannah Gregorio (and Carol Soeldner), thank
you for your time, your knowledge, your
expertise, and for your love of the sport.
To Jeff Smith, the Keeper of the Rodents, who without his Team, none of our working events would be
possible, the Club is grateful and extremely appreciative that you share them with us.
To Joan Martin, our Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.  Thank you for volunteering your time, and your
knowledge, of how important it is for every canine to be a good citizen.
To Richard and Arlene Grant, our Lure Course Directors, thank you for providing that little white string
and white plastic bag which provided hours of enjoyment for all our four legged friends at Fun Day.
To Lou and Lisa Pacheco, who allow us to take over their yard for Earthdog, thank you for providing a
safe, happy environment, for our dogs to play in the dirt.
To Peter Falat, thank you for moving endless bales of hay, unraveling, and then installing, yards and
yards of orange snow fencing, all the time with a smile on your face.
And, to Scott Smith…for allowing the Club to invade your yard for Club events.  Thank you for being
the most understanding and patient individual.
I truly believe, if you surround yourself
with good people, you become a better
person.  I am blessed to surround
myself with many wonderful people,
and I think it shows at our events.  
People are happy.  Their dogs are
happy.  You see people smiling and
willing to help out and volunteer.  And
that, I believe, is because we make
them feel special.
We all know it takes a village to run a successful club, and I am surrounded by the most amazing
people in this canine tribe.  The members of New England Terrier Club are very fortunate to have a
strong board representing them.  We meet regularly and email each other often, so that nothing
falls through the cracks, and every little detail is addressed.

To the Officers and Board…Jerry Walsh…David Ullman…Lin Falat…Lisa Violette…Kristen
Caetano…David Healey…Louise Papadoyiannis…Anne Pelletier…Ann Schliemann, and Mary
Smith.  You are truly a pleasure and a joy to work alongside throughout this journey.  I may be the
one standing in front, but there is a strong, hardworking, committed, knowledgeable and incredibly
talented and intelligent group of individuals that surround me, and support me, and for that, I am
truly grateful.